The Forest of Boland Railway - overall view of Station.

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indentThe Forest of Boland Railway is quite fictional.v Yes, there is a Forest of Bowland (in the North West of England and not particularly sylvan...), but it never had a railway like this.v The landscape of the area is however, sufficiently wild to perhaps once have been the setting for a wonderful 1950's book called, "The Forest of Boland Light Railway" by the children's author "B.B." (as he signed himself).v I believe he was also a Professor of something or other who wrote highly technical treatises about science - but we are concerned here with his imagination from which he produced a wonderful series of three "Gnome" books.v Two, "The Little Grey Men" and "The Little Grey Men go down the Bright Stream", tell the wonderful story of the last four gnomes in England but unfortunately they have nothing to do with railways.
indentHis other work though, the title noted above, deals with a period perhaps a thousand years earlier when there was, it seems, a considerable population of these little people.v You should naturally avail yourself of a copy if you can, since I consider it a much under-rated tale, and although not in print as I write this, reprints do occasionally take place if demand is sufficient.v (Or 'Google' it...!)v For now however, these photographs might just give you a flavour of this delightful and humorous story.v It certainly makes for a very unusual model!

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