A view of the rear of the signal box interior.

indent I was invited inside and saw most of these details but the photos I took did not come out very well (poor light - that's my excuse) and I had to model most of it from memory.v This is not a precise model therefore, more of an "approximation", but I do believe it captures the "spirit" of the place.

 Click again to see the  
 front of the interior.

Lots to look at in here!

indentStarting from the left we have the noticeboard, a table with mug and teapot as well as a fine chair - although in fact according to the rule book no signalbox should contain a chair lest the signalman fall asleep on the job!v Fortunately for the signalmen, most inspectors turned a "blind eye" to such luxuries in a quiet box.v On the chimney breast we have the obligatory clock and under that a stove with a kettle on it - one of those old tin ones which used to be so common!
indentTo the right we have the "reporting desk", another item found in every signalbox, whereupon the signalman would record the precise time every train was "belled through", when it arrived and when it left.v You can see the files, notes, scraps of paper on the top - even a pot with some pencils in it!v Finally comes the metal locker for the signalman to hang his coat in.v

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