This character was found in a 50's book about Yorkshire.

 On Ilkley Moor wi' tat, 
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indentThe can was turned up from plastic sprue, the handles and straps are wire and tinplate and the hat a blob of filler filed to shape.  Not exactly elegant headwear but no doubt practical for long walks about inhospitable moorlands!

indentThere are many delightful stories about local "characters" to be gleaned from the many books I collected to make this model.  There was the road bridge miles from anywhere which had a pair of ladies' boots tucked behind a stile.   They were owned by a woman who wore them to walk the 5 miles across the fields from her farmhouse every Sunday to go to church and, not wanting to be seen in church with her boots on, changed into the highly-polished shoes she'd carried with her for the remaining few miles along the lane to the local church!
indentThen there was the room beneath the railway water tower at Garsdale which had an harmonium which was used for Sunday services.  At other times the room functioned as the local "village hall" and was decorated to suit!  There are many more such tales but few which can be turned into details on the model.  There is no doubt however that reading such tales helps give one the insight needed to make an accurate model of a particular area.  We hope you agree!

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