Unfortunately this questionnaire does not currently work "on line".  We recently changed our ISP who's server seems not to support our long-standing and (once!) well-proven cgi-scripts.  These no longer work but between continuing to fulfil a busy work-load of commissions, and 'life' generally, I hope to have this sorted and working within a few weeks, if the patron Saint of computer languages smiles upon me!

Latest; I've updated a few other pages - which have long needed refreshment - and which gets my head back into 'html' and its foibles again.   I hope to move 'up' to sorting the cgi soon.  So your patience in the short term would be appreciated.  Many thanks!!!

            Countryside Models apologise to those of you who would like a quote but cannnot access our questionnaire at the momemnt.  The previous "cgi script" (technical jargon for the html coding which sends the completed form to me), does not now operate on  new servers.   Please accept our sincere apologies for inadvertently wasting your time!  In the interim you may of course just e-mail us - or ring us - with your enquiries instead.

Andy McMillan,          Prop. Countryside Models.

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