"Road and railway slumbered gently under a brilliant sun
that lazy July morning when first I found the somnambulant
little station of Upper Isis..."(Anne Orther)

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 An idle breeze teased gently creaking
 boughs.  Somewhere overhead a
 curlew cried in alarm...

indent This view from above the entrance shows the general layout of the station.  The goods yard approach leads off to the left-hand side, curving round the Isis.  The narrow nature of the site, caught as it is between the river and the road, explains why the goods yard had to be located a little further down the valley.  (That's our excuse, anyway!)
indent It is probably worth mentioning that this model has baseboards only 15" wide so, rather like the thin lady who looks less thin in a vertically striped dress, the many layers of river, fencing, track, platform, more fencing, road and finally the hedge, wall and cottage all help provide an illusion of depth where in fact there is very little!
indent More recently, this layout came back to us and was rebuilt into a slightly more complex model, with more, longer sidings. It is hoped to add details of the rebuild in due course...

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