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Here we have another GWR branch line model!


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This box of 12 shows the basic layout and its main features...

Please click on a picture for a larger photograph . . .

 Upper Isis Station looking West.  An overall view of the layout.  The operator's view 
 of the goods yard.  A higher view.
 Detail view of the 
 end of the yard.  The goods shed.  The yard crane.  A view of the  
 left-hand end.
 The diesel railcar.  The Salisbury passenger.  A pre-war passenger train.  Upper Isis Signal box.

Here are more photos of some of the details...

 The motive power 
 of Upper Isis - 1  The motive power 
 of Upper Isis - 2  The motive power 
 of Upper Isis - 3  The track plan
 The thatched cottage  The station building  Timber - live and dead!  Mallard seen 
 at Upper Isis!

Upper Isis is our latest 00 gauge model based on a fictional GWR branch in East Wiltshire.

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