"Since I'm going to have a river, can I have some ducks, please?"
"Certainly, Sir; what colour would you like them?"

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indent Well all right, I didn't actually offer my customer a specific colour but when it came to adding the ducks (which are a commercial white-metal casting incidentally), we couldn't resist making them Mallards.   Certainly they are the most common duck in Britain so they are "correct" in that sense but it is of course also a name resonant of steam and speed in another way...

indent It is worth pointing out the "wakes" which trail from each duck and give a sense of movement to what would otherwise be a static scene.  They were simply added by drawing out at a suitable angle the dollop of 5-minute epoxy used to glue them to the cast resin "river".  It is our attention to simple detail like this which we believe makes such a difference to the realism of the finished model.

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indent There are more ducks on this other bit of river, some painted up as the much less distinctive hens - did you notice the two on the river-bank in the previous photo?  In fact there are altogether a dozen ducks - for those who like to know these things...   (If you ever discover a new breed of duck could you try calling it "North Star" or "City of Truro" or "The Great Bear" or somesuch?  No?   Ah well; perhaps not...)

So; what did the customer think when he saw the finished layout?   Click here for his very kind reference.

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