"Fox's Farmhouse"

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indentThis is a close up of "Fox's Farmhouse", a typical early nineteenth century farmhouse of Southern England.v (It must be owned by someone by the name of, or with a love of, foxes since they have chosen one as their weather-vane!)v I always thought the old "SuperQuick" farmhouse had a delightful "feel" about it but was not very realistic in its execution; this is my idea of what it might have looked like if it had been modelled properly!

indentThe owner (check his authoritative stance), with riding crop and golden GSD, are discussing something with one of the estate workers; probably the need to relay the front path which has developed some nasty cracks!v The Farmer's wife is seen taking a bucket of something to some animals in a nearby field, while the milkman sits in the kitchen with a no-doubt welcome cup of tea.v All this can be gathered by the careful placing of a few figures and by modelling the gate and front door as open.v (If you are wondering how we know the owner of the German Shephard is the farmer check out the cat (behind the rustic fencing) who, while sitting at a respectful distance is familiar enough with the dog to not run away!v No doubt it will return to its sunny spot by the door when all has gone quiet again.)

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