A Royal Scot passes with a Down London-Edinburgh Express

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indentIn 1955 there was only one named express, the "Thames-Clyde", and this isn't it!  The following year the name "The Waverley" was given to an express from St Pancras to Edinborough and this is the train represented here - just before it was named.  Both expresses were early users of the then-new BR Mk1 coaches although at this time there was no brake1st at the front (they weren't built until 1960) so a brake 3rd was used.   British Railways Midland Region also had plenty of fairly new ex-LMS dining carriages in good condition to provide food on long-distance services so the Mk1 version was not used.  Here Bachmann provide most of the train with a re-painted Hornby 12-wheeled diner situated between the 1st and 3rd class accommodation.
indentWith a moorland road, a "beck" and a pub, we just might be close to somewhere with a few inhabitants!

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