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Tupdale has now been re-sold to a new owner.
 One day I must add some of the more recent
photos which I took when I moved it!

Hallo and welcome to the Tupdale Room, featuring our now 10-year-old model of a section of the famous Settle and Carlisle railway!

For those wanting further details; Tupdale featured in a series of three articles in the Railway Modeller magazine, beginning with the January 2004 issue.  Then began a series in Model Rail magazine in issue No.71 (September 2004).  More articles appeared in Model Rail in 2005 and 2006.  After a long gap, which apparently involved a move of the editorial office at Model Rail, another was published in Jan 2008, another in 2009 and notice of this sale appeared, with photos, in the Sept 2010 issue...

If you've not seen this layout before start here!

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 Tupdale - A viaduct crossing a Scar.  An Express roars out of the tunnel.  A smallholder with a 
 milk-can and his collie.  4F on parcels.
 A Royal Scot passes 
 over Tupdale Beck.  Double-headed relief 
 heads into Tupdale.  Tupdale Station  A double-header thunders 
 through Tupdale...
 ...and continues down past the Signal 
 Box towards Tupdale North Tunnel.  Tupdale - Quarry Signal Box  A view along the goods yard.  Tupdale North Tunnel
 A Soutbound relief express  A pick-up goods leaves Tupdale.  Tupdale - An overall view looking right  One of the famous Bank Barns

Tupdale is a 00 gauge model based on the dramatic ex-Midland
Settle and Carlisle main line in N.W. Yorkshire!

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