When the Midland built the Settle and Carlisle in the 1870's they used three distinctive station designs.  The medium-sized was the most common and so features at Tupdale.

 The barge-boards are distinctive, complicated 
 and very time consuming.  I therefore made 
 one of each and produced castings!  Back  Who's in here?  Next!

indentTupdale might seem like a spacious mainline station but the whole layout, including a hidden reversing loop and 6 long storage loops beneath, fits into a room 8 feet by 10.  The main reason it looks so open and uncluttered is because of the apparent depth of the backscene which is based on photographs of the area.  Commercial items never look right so I always paint my own - there are over 30 feet of this one and it took me a whole week to paint!

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