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What you can expect for a budget of between...

5,000 and 25,000.

Many people opting for this price range have attempted to build a model railway for themselves.v If not, perhaps it would help if you read this first!v Assuming you have tried building one you will have some idea what is involved so please read on . . .

professional model railways builder, model train designer

The answer in this price bracket is simple; look at our Gallery, especially the Westbury and Tupdale rooms, for they both fell into this range. . .

railways Of course, that's only the "snappy-catch" answer!  The more complicated answer is that you can expect to get a most impressive model railway which any owner could be justly proud of.  You will probably have a "railway room" in mind - which sets the size of the model - and this may dictate whether you want a through station or a terminus.
railwaysIn some cases the classic "junction to branch terminus" layout is possible where the branch terminus is located over the hidden storage sidings.  But what do we base the model on?

railwaysFor those with this kind of budget, the first thing we do is try and find a real station which will suit your requirements for period, owning company, location, operational preferences etc. and then we look at the size of room you have to put it in.  If it fits, or can be made to fit with a little careful compression, then we suggest you have a model of that station since there really is nothing as good as a model of a real station, even if it has to be "compressed" a little to make it fit.  (There is some argument about this statement - click here to look at our "Why choose an actual prototype" section if you disagree!)
railwaysIf nothing suitable can be found, we look at a prototype line of railway and find features along it which can be combined to make a suitable model for you - much as we did with "Tupdale".  Only once those two possibilities have been exhausted will we consider suggesting an "imaginary" design for you - and even then we do our utmost to base the model on reality with regard to location and the trains which are to run on it.
railwaysIn other words, we have to do a lot of research.  All this takes time and in some cases, not only do we have to read books, we have to buy more books or post off enquiries to authors or authorities on particular railways and await their replies before even beginning to come up with a design for you.  And all this we are prepared to do for nothing! 

railwaysPatience on your part can therefore be a virture in some cases but then you are not buying an "off-the-shelf" model from a catalogue and you will want to enjoy your model for years to come.  The best way of ensuring that is to base your model railway on a real railway!

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