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"So you want to know more?"


Excellent!  Read on . . .

indentMost of our customers have a good idea of what kind of model they want (and hopefully they will give us those ideas by filling out our questionnaire and e-mailing it to us), but the next question is usually. . .

indent"What will it cost me?"

indentThe answer is, "What standard of detail do you want?"   Whichever you choose you will want it to look great and work properly so you need someone with specialist skills.  We have spent over 35 years learning how to make model railways and, in fact, we go into great depths of subtlety to achieve our stunningly realistic effects.  Do you want an example?

indent"Not really."

indentFine.  The point is it is your choice.  You can have as much - or as little - detail as you want but detail takes time and time is money.  You should also be aware that it is not only levels of detail which affect the price since you can also choose between several standards: for example a model based on commercial components, one using completely hand-made ones or one using a mixture of both.  There are a variety of scales and gauges as well.  All these have considerable implications for the time we spend on your model and therefore the cost.

indentSo far all this has been hypothetical, hence the use of the analogies about cars and string, because at the end of the day, as with all things, you get what you pay for.  Unless money really is no object, it will be most helpful if you can suggest some sort of budget - some idea of just how much you intend to invest in your model railway.  This allows us to offer you standards appropriate to your budget.

indent"I'm still waiting."

indentVery well then, as you’ve been so patient, for those who insist upon some sort of figure, if you provide the trains yourself you can have an enjoyable 00 or N gauge model to commercial standards made to fit a small room for say six to eight thousand pounds sterling.  This could be a typical branch terminus and "fiddle yard" layout or a simple through station with open storage loops.  If however there is part of a village to model as well as the normal station buildings, or a significant industry to create by a siding, that could add a few more thousand to the price.   An average spare room or garage sized layout with full scenery and with "occupation indicators" to show which trains are hidden in sidings underneath the scenery, could cost ten to twenty thousand - or more.  Then again, if you want a large roomf ull of main line plus a dazzling cityscape you could easily find yourself being quoted five figure sums.  So how long do you want your string?

indentAs you will have gathered by now, these are not your average children's toy train sets - the type you "knock up" over a few wet weekends to amuse the kids.  These are serious attempts to capture a real slice of recognisable countryside (or an imaginary scene based on reality), which has believable models of the right trains running in the right liveries for what is often a very carefully chosen historical period.  These model railways are rather more than toys; our layouts are often large enough to completely fill a room - "The Railway Room" - and are designed specifically and uniquely for every customer.   Fortunately, one of our professionally-built models, carefull looked after and maintained, can have a considerable re-sale value should you ever decide to 'downsize'.

indentNaturally we will be happy to quote you for any complete layout (we do not do just baseboards, track and electrics - although there are people out there who do), but, since you would have to contact us and may prefer not to at this juncture, what we can do is to give you some idea of how much model you can get for "x" amount of money. . .

Let's look at three categories.  Choose your budget from one of these ;

I have a budget of;texthole.1,500 to 5,000
I have a budget of;texthole.5,000 to 25,000
I have a budget of;texthole.over 25,000


railwaysSo now you know.   If we can help further, find out more about us from our homepage.   If not, why not try a few of our links.


railways"Er, one other thing!"


railways"When do I pay and how much ?"

railwaysFor smaller models, there are usually two payments, one of about 75% when you commission the model and the rest upon customer acceptance, at our premises, prior to delivery.  (Incidentally, models destined for the U.K. & Europe are normally delivered by road and those for overseas by air).  With larger layouts, stage payments are normally made as various pre-agreed stages of construction are reached.   These can be organised in a variety of ways to suit both the project and the customer.  For these larger layouts, final assembly and commissioning is normally required by our staff on site.  This may involve the need for our engineer(s) to attend for several days.

railwaysWe take care of design, construction, decoration, delivery and, should it be required, we can also arrange maintenance.  That, in a nutshell, is what we do and that’s what you will be paying for. 

railwaysIf you would like a quote for a specific layout, why not fill in our questionnaire which asks all we need to know?  We will be only too happy to oblige!

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