Artists in Miniature Landscape

One example of why a Countryside Models Railway looks so realistic.

There are many reasons why a good model costs more than an O.K. one. Here is an example - if you snip away the webbing from beneath the rail of commercial track (the longitudinal bits of plastic which keep the sleepers at the correct distance), then it is like removing the underlining of this sentence; it makes it look lighter.

Standard code 100 track

Code 100 track minus webbing

This in turn makes your trains look heavier by comparison and therefore more realistic.

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Better still, use code 75 track!

indentDetail like this has a subtle but very important impact on the overall impression your model creates.v It also takes about half-an-hour for every yard of track, (longer if you take advantage of this to spread the sleepers to a more prototypical spacing), so you can see that just this one aspect can add hours of work to a model.v And therefore to the price.

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