"I found it fascinating to see how  everything in that tiny little goods
yard was so neatly
arranged for the simple prosecution of commerce."

 Fairford Station in Oxon provided 
 the prototype for this road bridge 
 giving access to the yard.

indentThe goods yard is a pivotal part of this shunting model and so deserves a closer look.  With storage "off-scene" for only three trains, and bearing in mind the railcar can do little more than just trundle in and out, it becomes vital that the shunting of a goods train becomes an interesting and entertaining pastime.  The best way to do this is to ensure that every wagon in the train has somewhere specific to go and so needs shunting to precisely the right unloading facility.
indentTherefore we have, in order from the front, a crane (complete with logs waiting to be loaded), a cattle dock, a goods shed, some hard standing for direct unloading into the yard, (complete with empty, previously unloaded wagons waiting for collection), while the rest is better shown in the next photo...

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