"The moment I appeared with a camera the coal merchant, who had been
busy loading
his lorry, disappeared into his hut and the yard fell silent."

 This coal lorry is Mr. McMillan's 'Cuneo 
 Mouse'.  It has been appeared on almost 
 every 4mm scale model of his since 1979!

indent At this end of the yard we see the edge of the road access and the main facility of the local coal merchant; three simple concrete bases separated by old sleepers.  In these most basic of staithes were three sizes of coal for household, hearth and industrial uses.  It seems that despite the summer heat the locals kept their ranges alight for cooking and heating water.   "Ain't none o' yer fancy gas or 'lectristy round 'ere ye know," explained the coalman when I asked him.
indentAt the extremity of the nearer siding is the end loading dock - which can cause shunting problems when it needs using - and a side-loading dock; a handy way of loading a wagon if your lorry bed is lower than the wagon in the normal part of the yard and a necessary facility if you want to tip a load of stone or chalk into a wagon!

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