This model is called "Upper Isis", the Isis being a tributary of the Thames.

indent The model is set in East Wiltshire with Salisbury Plain as a backdrop and represents a fictitious location, ostensibly one of the several GWR and LSWR branch lines which wandered up various valleys into the lower reaches of the famous plain.  The location was selected by the customer as were the size and shape of the model.  (See plan below.)  00 was the chosen scale/gauge, Peco code 100 track being used throughout.

 An overall view of Upper Isis.  
 The station is on the left, the
 goods yard on the right. (Click
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indent The period of the model came about almost accidentally, when it was learned that the customer wanted to feature Lima's model of the GWR Diesel Railcar.  Although a 1930s branch was originally mooted, the angular body style of the railcar represented by the Lima model was not introduced until 1940.  This, along with Salisbury Plain's famous links with the military, gave rise to a model set, rather unusually, during WWII.  In fact this has several advantages to the modeller limited to a small layout as will be explained as we go through the photos...

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