Being on an ex-Midland line Tupdale has standard Midland signalboxes.
This is the most Northerly of the two, Tupdale Quarry.

 Made from two 1957 vintage Airfix
 kits the signal boxes are almost
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indentAs I noted in the previous caption, the two crossovers that link the "Up" and "Down" main lines are a long way apart.  Since during the 19th century the furthest a signal cabin could operate a turnout was only a few hundred yards, Tupdale needed two signal boxes.
indentIn fact the Midland went to considerable lengths to avoid this since any such layout would need to employ double the number of signalmen.  At certain locations however, this was unavoidable and Tupdale is assumed to be one of them.  At least it offers the excuse to model two of the most attractive of all railway structures!

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