In this "unnatural" view - in other words one you can't see when the layout is
assembled - the arrangement of Tupdale's facilities becomes clear.  The lofty
heights of "Tupdale Pike" behind remind us how far we are above sea level.

 Note the old quarry in the foreground and
 the ex-Midland 6-wheeled composite as a
 grounded coach body for the engineers.  Back  I wanna tell you a story...  Warning - black 
 hole ahead!

indentThe goods yard consists of a coal siding, a typical Settle and Carlisle goods shed and two plain sidings for general use.  The turntable with its famous stockade will be familiar to anyone who knows the S&C.
indent Placing the turntable a long way from the engine shed is also an unusual feature - and one rarely modelled - but is very much as things were arranged at the S&C station of Garsdale - except that there they were on opposite sides of the main line too!  The engine shed at Gardale was in fact a North Eastern Rly one and had been demolished by 1955 - but I have been known to stretch the truth if the customer wants me to!

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