Minutes later, the Up express having almost"cleared the block", a 4F leaves
the loop with the daily pick-up goods from Hawes, heading back to Hellifield.
Going by the signals another express is due in the Down direction.

 Note the grey-painted wagons 
 at the head of this pick- 
 up goods; on a through 
 train they would have been 
 vaccuum braked and 
 therefore bauxite!  Back  Next!

indentUnder the layout are not only storage loops for main-line trains but a return loop which can turn whole trains leaving via Quarry Tunnel.  This came about owing to the customer's request for a turntable.  The only turntable in the middle of the S&C (as you will know by now), was at Gardsdale;- which was also the junction for the Hawes branch.  Therefore, by the addition of a return loop we could send trains to Hawes and have them come back again later at the push of a button!
indentThere was also an Eastern Region (ex-LNER) service from Northallerton through Hawes to Tupdale (Garsdale), which explains the appearance of a J39 with a small rake of teak ex-LNER coaches at Tupdale.  (It should be a D20 4-4-0 but that means making up a kit and neither the customer nor I have done that yet!)  This short train is easily stored in the return loop and makes two or three appearances during a running session.
indentIt soon became obvious that while the J39 was visiting the station we could use the empty loop to send the pick-up goods down the branch to Hawes, or the Hellifield-Hawes local.  So, for the addition of but one return loop we can now run three more trains and we now have a use for the turntable - to turn the J39!  But now we are getting into operating and that's a very different kettle of fish!

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