The express has progressed and is already passing Tupdale Quarry Box.
The goods creeps gently towards Tupdale Tunnel waiting for
"the board".

(N.B. Our customer has been good enough to give us a reference.)

 I stood on a stool to take this shot. 
 The natural viewing position is 
 lower and much less toy-like.  Back  Last one!

indentHere you can see how we fit such a complex model into an 8 foot x 10 foot room!  The main station section is 4 foot wide, the operator's well 3 foot at its widest point (to allow two people to swap places), and the cutting is just 1 foot wide - which accounts for the cutting's steep rocky sides.  (Most S&C cuttings were grassy and sloped at about 2:1.  Unfortunately we just didn't have room for that.  Maybe next time!)

indentAlso most noticeable is the undulating nature of the skyline painted on the backscene.  Since most horizons are more or less horizontal this single feature probably counts more than anything else for the artistic dynamism which the model's setting presents to the viewer.

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