This is undoubtedly my favourite photograph of the model!

O.K. so I have "touched it up" a bit with smoke, removed a joint in the backscene and
a corner of baseboard but that's all - honest!  The rest of it is pure model-making!
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indentThe Yorkshire Bank Barn is, as its name suggests, unique to Yorkshire. Made of local stone it was designed to be built on the slope of a hill remote from the farmhouse. Its lower floor has access along one side for sheep or cattle while another door gives access to the farmer to throw feed into mangers over a low wooden divide. The upper floor is a hay loft and has its own access for carts at the higher level. From here the farmer (or "smallholder" as they usually were), could throw feed down to the animals on the lower level through a gap at the edge of the floor.
indent There are literally hundreds of these barns around Yorkshire. They come in all shapes and sizes some having double central doors for animals and two access doors for the farmer at each side, but they all follow the same general style.
indent The model is based on an excellent photograph I came across of one of the simpler type but scaled down a little to fit the site. No doubt there's one very much like it up there somewhere - if one knew where to look! The point is, of course, that along with many other touches of "local flavour" one can tell where the model is set, even if you know nothing about railways. This is a point worth considering since many visitors to any model railway are not really interested in trains but merely showing polite interest. If you can show them an accurate model of a specific and recogniseable locality then they too can take an active interest in your "pride and joy"!

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