Artists in Miniature Landscape

The Countryside Models Questionnaire

       Our questionnaire is here simply to allow us to understand precisely what you, the customer, want.   Certainly you are welcome to get in touch with us without bothering with it (you might want to come and meet us personally, for example, in which case we can discuss your requirements face to face (Note), but if you are to get the model you want then we will need to know most of this information before we can design a model railway which specifically reflects your interests.   Naturally, the earlier we can produce a design for you, the happier you will be!   We therefore cordially invite you to complete our questionnaire so we might find common ground at an early stage. 

        Being aware that it will take some minutes to fill out (depending on how much thought you wish to apply to it!), we have arranged things so that you can access the questionnaire in two ways.   For those who like to take their time, may we suggest you "save" one of the following  versions to  your hard drive, desktop or a USB stick and then complete it at your leisure "off-line".   You can then simply "copy and paste" the whole lot into an e-mail and send it off to us!

        The keen amongst you can dive straight into our "on-line" version which you can fill out now and submit.  The choice is entirely yours!

Here are the choices; please select one . . .