Artists in Miniature Landscape

"How much does a model railway cost?"

trainsGood question.  The real answer is the same as asking, "How long is a piece of string?" - which is another way of saying "how big do you want it?"vbecause what a model costs depends mainly upon how long it takes to build it for you.

trainsIf you merely want a "rough" idea at this stage then one of our model railways will cost about the same as buying a car - although whether that's a few thousand for a simple family runabout or a five-figure sum for a superbly luxurious dream model is up to you.  In fact, the price ranges from 1,500 for something simple for the kids right up to five-figure sums for some full-room projects.  You may therefore decide to tell us what you propose to spend and see what we can offer for that kind of figure - but please do not expect to get an exciting, complicated model with intricate scenery for a couple of thousand pounds !* 

trainsIf you would like us to quote for a specific layout, or advise you what is possible for your budget, why not fill in our questionnaire which asks all we need to know?  We will be only too happy to oblige!

Thanks; that's all I need to know for now. Please explain in more detail!


( * Some people haven't stopped to consider the work involved in even a simple layout!  If that includes you then buy a cheap plastic kit and see how long it takes you to do a "proper job" with it including glazing and painting.  Multiply that by 10 or more for what are often on railways quite large and complicated kits (just think of a signalbox), add a few dozen more hours for some "scratch-building" and then add a few dozen more for woodwork, track-laying and wiring before you start the buildings and double it for making a control panel, trees, grass, fencing and a hand-painted backscene afterwards.  Now you will begin to understand what is involved.  What's your time worth per hour?  Mind you, if it really was as easy as I have just described it, anyone could do it!)