Artists in Miniature Landscape

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trainsPart of a Public Exhibition layout at Poole Aquarium, Poole Quay, Poole, Dorset.  It was built by us in 1981.  Techniques have improved since then but it remains an excellent advert for us - and you can still go to see it for yourself because it has been moved to the famous "Compton Acres" attraction just down the road...

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Have you always wanted a model railway?

trainsPerhaps you never had the knowledge, skill or time to build one yourself, or have you maybe tried but never got it working properly?  A common problem since any intending model railway builder needs to be an historian, carpenter, micro-engineer, electrician and (perhaps above all), an artist if the resulting model is to look stunning, work reliably and be fascinating to operate.

trainsIt may surprise you to know that since 1979 COUNTRYSIDE MODELS has been solving these problems for both British and overseas customers by offering their services as professional model railway builders.  During that time we have earned an excellent reputation for realism, reliability and, with over 20 years of experience, that extra little "something" which makes our models so uniquely satisfying to own and operate.  Now you too can fulfil your dream of having a relaxing railway room to step into.  Interested?  Then read our list of FAQ's below and find out more. . .

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trainsOur famous model of "Westbury" in Wiltshire; a "Modern Image" 'N' gauge layout we built in 1983.  Dismantled last year (2002) some of it is currently being re-built by us into a brand new, "Network Rail" layout.

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